About Us
Imagine having the ability to harness the combined expertise and experience of a global team of professionals; imagine the focused efforts of thousands of exceptional individuals, dedicated to developing the best solutions for your company’s needs. Imagine your business humming along smoothly while you rest soundly, secure in the knowledge that your company is in good hands. With us, you need not imagine anymore. We are Software Ventures International (SVI), and we are:

Globally Recognized
SVI is one of the premier global companies in the field of IT consulting and Business Solutions Development. We are a company that provides Software Services and Business Services capitalizing on our team of more tha
n 2000 highly skilled employees.

For over 20 years now, SVI’s people, technologies and solutions have been tapped by a wide range of industries around the world, from telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceutical, media, banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and government; proof of SVI globally trusted name.


At SVI, we create and deliver quality solutions that offer tangible benefits for your company. SVI enables you to focus on running your business saving critical time, effort, and lowering your employee’s workload. Because we know the real impact our services have on your business, we make sure that all our products go through our rigorous project management and quality assurance disciplines and are delivered on-budget, on-time, all the time.

At SVI, we believe that the success of global enterprises hinge upon successful and enduring global partnerships. With nearly two decades of experience, SVI assures that you and your company gets only proven technologies, the best quality service, 24x7 support, and redundant secure environment for your business data.

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