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Business Services

In the global marketplace, availing of Business Services means more than just cutting costs. It’s about increasing and expanding your company’s capabilities; it’s about freeing you to focus more on your business and less on the details; it’s about decreasing your workload and increasing your time to manage your core business, and along the way, improving the overall business value for your company. It’s about liberating the greatest asset your company has: You.


SVI is one of the world’s leaders in the field of Business Servicing. Our versatile professionals deliver services in six key professional areas: Healthcare Services; Financial Services; e-Publishing Suite; Legal Services; Network Management; and Document Management.


With SVI, you get access to our more than 2,500 dedicated people worldwide, our tested and proven processes, and our cutting edge-technologies to help you gain maximum efficiency and competitive advantage.


With SVI, you get significant increase in capability and productivity, without considerable increase in manpower and overhead. And with our in-house developed global tracking system, you will be able to monitor and audit the work being performed wherever you are in the world. With us, you have the confidence that we do things right, and deliver what you need.