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Document Management  

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Here at SVI, we recognize that data is the lifeblood of any company. And business tends to generate an enormous amount of it on paper documents. However, studies show that there are a lot of drawbacks with managing paper documents such as:

  • Documents are easily misfiled
  • Documents are easily lost
  • Document retrieval takes longer as document volume increases
  • Document quality degrades through time and with frequent retrieval
  • Document storage takes up valuable office space
  • Rising cost of document reproduction and distribution

SVI has developed the solution to help you overcome these problems and improve operations by making better use of your documents and data. SVI provides services to help electronically organize, and file documents to ease document retrieval, and prevent document misfiling and loss.  Our services allow users to share documents securely without reproduction and at the same time drastically reduce storage space requirements.  SVI's document management services help you make use of the data in documents by extracting and reformatting the information so these can be uploaded into data tables, and your applications.   

Outsourcing document management services to SVI allows your company to significantly improve operations, and reduce costs through improved document management.  SVI’s outsourcing services enables you to reap the benefits of document management without the need to invest heavily for hardware and software, not to mention the maintenance cost for staffing and training.  SVI provides your company the support system it needs so you can focus on your core business.

Among the Document Management services we provide are:

   1. Document Scanning
   2. Document Data Capture
   3. Online Repository Management