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Healthcare Services

A Total Approach to Automated Medical Records & Healthcare Information Management

SVI has for years been on the pulse of the needs of the world’s Healthcare Services Industry through Medi-Type, SVI’s Healthcare Services Unit. Through the years, we have recognized and realized the ever-increasing need for patient care documentation, administrative processing, and financial processing and making these areas of the business running smoothly and efficiently.

Through SVI and Medi-Type’s combined technology, industry expertise and expansive global footprint, we are able to provide a wide range of services that allows you to focus and optimize your core business: Patient Care. SVI provides you with efficient Health Information Management consisting of:
Our collection of HIM services are delivered through our HIPAA compliant records management applications, namely Medi-Tracker and E-Patient Records. We guarantee 24-hour turnaround time, affording you instant access to crucial data. Whenever, wherever, Medi-Type attends to your every need.