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 Network Management 
World-Class Infrastructure, First-Rate Business Performance

SVI's Network is managed by highly competent and skilled network managers, in order to keep its global voice and data communication up and running to service its numerous clients worldwide. We have certifications to prove that our network infrastructure is at par with global standards.

You too can avail of our company's network management expertise, by partnering with us and leveraging our service for your company. SVI's Network Management Services can provide your company with comprehensive hardware and software solutions, as well as the expertise to run your system for you. Partnering with us results in significant cost savings compared to hiring your own in-house IT staff, plus the added cost of setting up your own network infrastructure. Our service offering comes with 24x7 technical support which guarantees you uninterrupted operations.

Our services deliver a range of managed networking solutions ranging from:
  1. Network Deployment Consulting
  2. Network Operations and Management
  3. Deployment
  4. Monitoring and Maintenance