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SVI achieve CMM level 5 Rating

Joining the ranks of about 150 world-class capability maturity model-assessed (CMM) IT giants such as Infosys, Wipro and Covansys, Philippine-based Software Ventures International Corporation has achieved a CMM Level 5 rating.

A framework for process improvement developed by the Software Engineering Institute of the Carnegie Mellon University, the model identifies the levels of maturity of a software organization on a scale of 1 to 5, with Level 5 as the highest. Each maturity level represents achievable goals in a continuous improvement strategy.


SVI is the first Philippine-headquartered company to receive the Level 5 rating, moving two notches up from the CMM Level 3 rating it received in April 2003. The country's largest independent IT service provider, SVI pioneered in offshore outsourcing to the Philippines in 1987, a year after it was established. It is the recipient of the Philippine government's Golden Shell Award for Design Excellence in information technology and software.

The Level 5 appraisal was performed by Richard W. Knudson, Chairman and CEO of the U.S.-based Global Systems Technology, LLC., an independent assessment group authorized by SEI. GST has formally assessed many leading IT service providers including IBM Global, Polaris, Satyam, Keane, Wipro and Infosys. He has also assessed major corporate offshore IT centers for Fujitsu (ICIL), Siemens, Philips, ANZ, LG and HP, among others.

Knudson formed and trained SVI's nine-member assessment team to look into their firm's key performance areas. A series of panel interviews were conducted with officers, project managers, software engineers and other employees, placing them in a situation where they had to answer difficult questions about their company's entire operations. Among teams he has worked with, Knudson says, "This team asked phenomenal questions, the best in the world. This is probably the best assessment team I've ever worked with, requiring the least amount of oversight."

SEI, which owns the CMM model, requires Knudson to carry out so many assessments a year, work for which he has established a multi-year track record.


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