SVI - Software Services
SVI is among the world’s leaders in providing Software Services, combining a long history of creativity with advanced technology, expert developers, and a drive to provide you with the best possible solutions that you need to enhance your productivity, reduce costs, and raise profits.

SVI is one of the world’s leaders in developing customized software for business. SVI not only develop, but also operate, execute, and support all your SVI-developed applications.
So whether you want to supplement your in-house software development team or seek to find a long - term partner to provide the tech staff for you, SVI is sure to have the services to meet your needs.
SVI's experience in providing information management solutions to businesses covers a wide range of industries including telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceuticals, chemical, publishing, media, banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy, retail, healthcare and government.
SVI's technical knowledge spans systems analysis, technical architecture and design, and, development and quality assurance in a host of platforms and operating environments including legacy systems, client/server and multi-tier systems (J2EE, .NET), and Internet-related systems.
In addition, SVI has experts in the following technologies:

Operating Systems :
SCO Unix, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, AIX, Novell, Windows, MVS, VSE, OS/400
Databases : Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Informix, Adabas, Xbase
Programming Languages : Java, Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi , PowerBuilder, HTML, XML, SAS Natural, COBOL, Fortran, Pascal

SVI provides you Software Services with two major areas namely
Applications Development and Applications Management.

Applications Development

Software and Applications Testing

Enterprise Application Integration and Development

Web Development

Mainframe Development

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Applications Management

Product Support

Application Support

User Support

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