There are many reasons why many multinational companies trust SVI’s services. SVI is the biggest independent IT service provider in the Philippines, with a solid record of service. Our clients see SVI’s technical know-how as an asset to their operations, and through the years, have seen that we are truly committed to providing excellent service throughout our business dealings. Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect, and an answer to the question, “Why SVI?”

Our Proven Track Record
Software Ventures International (SVI) is one of the premier global companies in the field of IT consulting and Business Solutions Development, boasting of two decades of experience. In over 20 years, SVI has provided Software Services and Business Services and to various industries around the world. SVI has provided solutions for a wide range of industries such as telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceutical, media, banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and government.

Our Customizable Services and Support

SVI creates and delivers quality solutions for the exact needs of our diverse clientele. SVI’s edge lies in its ability to provide custom solutions for our clients needs, with an emphasis on product quality, cost effectiveness, on-time delivery, and round-the clock support. SVI provides clients with redundant lines of communication (through telephony, web, network), that allows then to monitor, update, and access projects, services, and SVI’s technical support facilities 24x7.

Our People
A large part of SVI’s success to date is its unwavering dedication to the development of our Human Resources. Our people are the best in the industry; and are trained in the very latest technologies and methodologies in their area of expertise. SVI teams up with only those who meet SVI’s global standards of excellence.

Our Quality of Service

At SVI, we employ our own unique and exacting set of quality standards over and above industry requirements. Our processes and toolsets have been successfully assessed as meeting ISO 9001:2000 and CMM Level 5 requirements. These, together with our own unique set of quality assurance methods, we extend to our clients the delivery of excellence few can match. With SVI, you’re assured of global commitment, quality, and service.